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Why I’m supporting UCLH #WorldCancerDay2020

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Alan was inspired to take on the Seven Kingdoms challenge after his sister was treated for breast cancer at UCLH.  Marion, who was diagnosed with cancer when her son was 10 months old, praised the added extras made possible by the UCLH Cancer Fund.  Our picture shows Alan and Marion.  As Alan says:

"Marion and her family were always made to feel welcome, with tea, biscuits and toys available, and she was able to access alternative therapies made possible by the UCLH Charity. Marion spoke of the art installations and live music in the centre, and it is the superb overall level of pastoral care which made me decide that I wanted to raise money for the UCLH Cancer Fund. They really do care deeply for their patients and provide excellent support, any family affected by cancer can relate to this."

The Seven Kingdoms challenge is a 2100 mile walk along eight long distance footpaths across England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man.  Alan will set off in March and will complete the journey in September.  You can follow Alan's progress on his blog 

We would like to wish him well, say a massive thank you and encourage our friends and supporters to help Alan along the way, with a wave or a donation via his JustGiving page here