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No race day, no cycle event? No problem.



Want to keep positive and stay mentally and physically fit? Why not take on a virtual challenge.  You choose a challenge and then complete it over a specific time in a location of your choice.

Take a look at some of the fantastic challenges we have on offer:


  • Climb Everest - A 12 week challenge.  Challengers will have to complete a climb equivalent to the height of  Mount Everest (8,848m) either out and about on their daily exercise, climbing the stairs indoors, or a combination of the two!  (with the link)
  • Inca Trail - A virtual challenge to tick off the bucket list.  A 25 mile run, walk or jog to be completed in as many efforts as the challenger can manage. (with the link)
  • The Big Charity Run - The ultimate challenge; challengers pick a 30, 60, 90 or 120 mile distance to complete over a single month.  They can run, walk or cycle so perfect for setting an ambitious target and staying motivated! (with the link)
  • Location Specific Races - Many will want to take on a challenge that is as close to a road race as physically possible, so there are a number of location specific races included so people can take part in a race on a specific date.(with the link)


Virtual challenges are a great way of getting, or staying, fit as well as being an opportunity to raise money for charity. If you would like to know more about what is on offer please click on the link below or contact at UCLH Charity who would love to have a chat with you: