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UCH Make A Will Week

This October solicitors across London are taking part in the UCH Cancer Fund Make A Will Week. They all have kindly agreed to waive their Will Writing fees and encourage gifts to the UCH Cancer Fund.

Taking part is easy. Just make the following steps:

1. Choose your solicitor
Contact one of our participating solicitors to make an appointment. Appointments are offered on a first come, first served basis, and will take place during the week of 22-26 October 2018. Please quote ‘UCHCF18'

2. Your appointment
Meet with your solicitor to discuss your new will or to make any updates to your existing will.

3. Consider a gift in your Will
Gifts play a major part in planning for the future of cancer treatment and enable us to continue making a tangible difference to patients. If you would like to leave a gift to the UCH Cancer Fund in your will, your solicitor can help you to do so. You can also contact us before your appointment to find out more about leaving a gift.

4. Your Part, Your Gift, Your Donation
Your solicitor will give you a UCH Cancer Fund donation envelope. Simply fill in your details and put your donation in the envelope, making any cheques payable to the ‘UCH Cancer Fund’. Your solicitor will take care of the rest.

5. Thank you
Once we have received your donation, we will be in touch to say thank you and let you know how it’s being used.
Suggested minimum donations

  • £100 for a single will
  • £140 for a pair of mirror wills
  • £50 for an update on an existing will

If your will is more complex, we would ask that your donation reflects this as solicitors are very kindly giving up their time to support the UCH Cancer Fund. Find out what solicitors are involved  HERE.

To find out  more about taking  part in the Make A Will Week, please get in touch with the team:

Call us on: 020 3447 1885


"The campaign allowed me and my partner to update our wills and leave a gift to the Cancer Fund ensuring they can continue supporting projects in an area I am very passionate about: cancer treatment and care." Tom Huxley - Cancer Centre staff member

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