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Thank you Derwent London

Derwent London's generosity has made a real difference to staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Derwent London has partnered with UCLH Charity to provide temporary staff accommodation to support UCLH staff during the Covid-19 crisis.  Clinical staff who need to be close to UCLH or those who are staying away from their families due to shielding have a place to call home in one of 16 apartments which are very close to many UCLH sites.  Clinical staff have use of the apartments until December.

We are extremely grateful as Peter Burroughs, Development Director for UCLH Charity said, “Derwent London and Paul Williams’ association with UCLH Trust and the Charity goes back many years. The strength of this relationship is demonstrated in volumes by the extremely generous free provision of 16 brand new luxury flats in Fitzrovia. This has eased the burden on some of the hospital staff who have worked long hours in the hospital, and continue to do so during the pandemic. Paul also arranged for Derwent London to make a generous donation to purchase high capacity fridges throughout the staffrooms of the hospital, enabling the safe storage of fresh food donated to the front line staff.  We are all extremely grateful to Paul and his directors for their support”.

This incredible contribution has made a real difference to staff wellbeing and patient care.  Here are some examples:

Derwent London apartments

“Thank you Derwent London for your incredible kindness.  We’re overwhelmed by the support we’ve received, particularly in this, the International Year of the Nurse. The use of the apartments is another great example of the generosity and support that has made such a difference.  We’re asking our nursing staff to work differently and can now offer those who need and want to say a bit closer to the hospital during the working week a safe, comfortable place to stay.”

Flo Panel-Coates, chief nurse, UCLH

“Being able to stay in the flat has been enormously helpful on so many levels.  I can continue to work and keep my family, who are shielding, safe.  Without the use of the flat, I would not be able to do both. It’s a huge relief for them and for me.  Being 10 mins away when on call makes our response time so much quicker and creates a feeling of safety and security for staff and patients alike.  The flat is equipped with essentials which means that I can start each shift relaxed, recharged and able to provide the best possible care that I can.  Thank you Derwent London”

Dr Edward Burdett, consultant anaesthetist

Dr Jamie Smart
Dr Jamie Smart

“We are working very closely with the intensive care teams and are in a constant state of readiness to support patients who are critically ill.  It’s very unpredictable, so being close by gives us the flexibility and ability to respond to changes in demand almost immediately. Put simply, the accommodation means we can be here for patients when they need us most.  This is really important as we face more unknowns with the easing of lockdown and a possible second wave.” 

Dr Jamie Smart, consultant anaesthetist

Chris Dann, divisional manager, surgery

“We are incredibly grateful to Derwent London and the UCLH charity for providing the surgery division with a flat during this time.  It has meant that we have a quiet, modern space that can be used flexibly, by a number of colleagues across our division.  One of the main benefits is that we have been able to offer orthopaedic registrars a place to during busy on-call shifts where we have asked them to stay close to the hospital – rather than just being available at home.  This will make a real difference to staff morale as we adjust to different ways of working.”

Chris Dann, divisional manager, surgery