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Supporting diabetes care at UCLH

We have recently supported an initiative to improve care for patients with diabetes at UCLH.

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A hypoglycaemic event (blood glucose <4) is a clinical emergency and needs to be treated and monitored correctly to ensure the best patient outcomes. Use of a hypobox is the gold standard treatment option.

With our support, hypoboxes are being installed in every clinical treatment room at UCLH and are available as a grab box mounted on the wall to enable staff to have access to the correct treatment in an emergency. The boxes are included in exemplar metrics, i.e. the standards that clinical areas aspire to, to provide the best possible care for patients.  

Matron Cli Curran said, “Improving diabetes care at UCLH is a Trust quality priority and this initiative is one part in a wider plan to improve safety, create educational opportunity and raise the profile of diabetes Trust-wide.   Thank you for your support UCLH Charity."

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