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September is blood cancer awareness month 

Based on the most current figures provided by Bloodwise, the UK’s leading blood cancer research charity, 1 in every 16 males and 1 in every 22 females in the UK will develop blood cancer at some point during their lifetime.  UCLH is a specialist centre for blood disorders and treats patients with a wide range of conditions from all over the UK.  In 2020 the service will move to the new surgery and cancer centre on Huntley Street and will become Europe’s largest centre for the treatment of blood disorders. 

Although the building is brand new, we are fundraising to enhance the environment of the building.  Better environments, such as art installations, have shown to have a number of positive benefits for patients and staff, including reduced stress, depression, anxiety and need for medication and improved mental health and medical outcomes.

UCLH Charity is donating £150,000 but this will only cover a fraction of the enhancements needed for the entire building, which has a footprint the size of the Royal Albert Hall.  The hospital atrium, patients’ and staff rooms, operating theatres, waiting rooms, corridors and lift lobbies all need environment uplifts above and beyond what UCLH NHS Foundation Trust can provide.

Help us to create an environment that will offer a distraction, alleviate the boredom felt by patients and reduce stress for patients, their family members alike.

Contact Carol Haraldsson, Head of Charitable Giving at or call 07852 221000 to find out more or visit our JustGiving page

Find out more about the new facility here

Remember, you can support blood disorders all year round – Haematology Cancer Care, a fund within UCLH Charity is a strong community of patients, staff, families and supporters  who come together raise funds to improve the experience of patients and their families at UCLH.  The fund provides provides vital medical equipment, continuing professional development for staff and complementary therapies for patients, families and staff. Donate here