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Meet Dave this World Cancer Day 4 February 2021

This #WorldCancer Day we share the inspirational story of Dave who has raised money for the UCLH Cancer Fund

“A dear friend’s son was treated by your wonderful hospital. When I watched Liam come through and ring the bell at the end of his treatment it made me very quickly realise what amazing courage these young kids have.  I watched the emotions of the staff and realised this was a journey for so many people – the amazing staff that go to work on a daily basis and the love and support they give these children and families.  I asked Liam if he would like me to raise some money for an organisation and he chose UCLH as he and his family are so grateful for the amazing work the team puts in and the support UCLH gave them.

“Liam went through 18 rounds of chemo so I decided to do a 9km swim which would motivate me - 1/2k representing each round of chemo.  Knowing how tough this is for the kids to go through, each training session was extremely motivating.  As I got closer to the swim I spoke to Kate, Liam’s mum, and she advised Liam may have to go for more chemo.  At this point I decided to step the swim up to 10km in the open waters in Sydney.  Many mates would mention the sharks on a daily basis but the courage that Liam and other children in the same situation have just made me want to achieve the goal.  I would like to take the opportunity again the thank UCLH for all of the amazing work that you continue to do!

“We raised an amazing £12,270.06.”

Visit Dave’s JustGiving page here:

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