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Launch of Incredible You

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Launch of Incredible You

Being in hospital can be unpleasant.  As well as feeling poorly, patients often spend long periods of time alone with nothing to do.  Dr Lizzie Burns who trained as a scientist but works at UCLH as a creative specialist, is on a mission to change that and make the patient experience a whole lot better.   Through creative art, Origami, doodling and boxes of natural wonders, Lizzie works with patients mostly with patients in wards T10 and T14 at University College Hospital, alongside some creative days in radiotherapy.                                                                                                                                                                       

Lizzie has collaborated with the Royal College of Pathologists to create adult-colouring sheets to inspire patients and staff about the surprising beauty of our body at a tiny scale. Lizzie said, “I hope to share my passion through drawings for colouring-in to encourage learning and lift mood. I hope the  ‘Incredible You’ collection will help both patients and staff to understand more about how we work”.

‘Incredible You’ is available to download here and is being officially launched on Friday 11 October – pop in and see Lizzie and colleagues from the Royal College of Pathologists and get colouring, from 11am – 1pm.