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I support UCLH: Penny Dawson

Penny Dawson supported UCLH by raising funds for the Cancer Fund of UCLH Charity by cutting her hair.

When nine year old Penny Dawson was told that her mum, Lucinda, had breast cancer, and that the treatment would cause her mother to lose her hair, Penny’s reaction was astonishing: “my hair is very long – it goes right the way down to my waist! I want to cut it short the same as mummy’s will be.”

On discovering that her chemotherapy would result in hair loss, Lucinda had decided to organise a meeting with Nicola Panara, Wig Specialist at the Support and Information Service. It was during this consultation that she learnt that Penny could donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes free wigs, and raises money to support the services available to cancer patients at the hospital.

Penny was not only able to donate nine inches of hair to help children that have lost their own, but also raised over £5,000 for the UCH Cancer Fund.

For more information on Penny’s activities, see her JustGiving page.