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Extending a stroke procedure service

Our funding will extend the current mechanical thrombectomy service so more patients are seen within the optimum time-frame to produce the best results.

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Mechanical thrombectomy is a neuroradiology procedure which is often given to treat patients who have had a stroke, which is the single largest cause of adult disability and most commonly caused when an artery is blocked by a clot, cutting off blood flow to the brain.

The procedure retrieves the blood clot from the brain’s blood vessel. Outcome studies have shown that best results are obtained if performed within the first six hours since the onset of symptoms. The current service at UCLH operates from 8am-6pm, Monday - Friday but thanks to a UCLH Charity grant the service will be extended to 8am-12pm seven days a week. This means that more patients will benefit from having the procedure immediately.

Dr Robert Simister, Consultant Stroke Neurologist said, “The real benefit of extending the service is that more patients will have immediate treatment which could prevent permanent brain damage and limit long-term disability.”

Robert continued, “The hospital will increase the patients it sees from 40 patients to 220 patients per annum for the first two years. After this period, the department hope to increase this service to 24 hours, which will put UCLH in a strong position to become a designated provider for the service.”

What next?

The department will measure patient outcomes to see how the service is benefitting patients. It will capture information about the entire patient recovery including motor function and language recovery which could provide answers to improve treatment methods further.