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Deliveroo Christmas campaign proceeds to go to UCLH Charity

Money raised from Deliveroo's Christmas campaign, 'Second Best Delivery Service' will support midwives at UCLH.

UCLH midwife star of 'Second Best Delivery Service' 

UCLH midwife Katy is the star of ‘Second Best Delivery Service’, a Christmas campaign which could raise up to £100,000 for UCLH Charity. 

A UCLH midwife is the star of this year’s Deliveroo Christmas campaign ‘Second Best Delivery Service’ which follows the day in the life of a midwife. For each delivery in December, Deliveroo will donate 1p to UCLH Charity, plus there is an option for Deliveroo customers to donate as well.

The campaign is predicted to raise between £50,000 to £100,000, all of which will go to the maternity department for the training and education of midwives.

The film shows Katy going about her daily tasks and talking about what it means to be a midwife - from the early starts and late nights to the joy of being involved in very special moments in families’ lives. 

Katy, who joined UCLH in 2016, said: “I absolutely love what I do and I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to share what being a midwife is all about. I am super proud to work here and hope I’ve done midwifery - and UCLH  - justice!”

Flo Panel-Coates, UCLH chief nurse, said: “It is a beautiful film. The passion Katy has for midwifery shines through.  Thank you Katy, for taking part and being such an amazing advocate of midwifery at UCLH.”

Watch the film here: