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Martin Anderson has chosen UCLH Charity as his company's charity partner.  Here's why:

“Being a patient at UCLH hospitals for over 17 years and receiving various treatments ranging from chemotherapy medication, experimental research medication, several cardiac and neurological procedures and countless hours of clinical consultations for neurology, cardiology, electrophysiology and physiotherapy, I have experienced just how things really are at the ‘pointy end’.  In all these years I have also been fortunate enough to meet some of the most interesting and inspirational individuals both on the patient-side and the NHS-side. I’m humbled almost daily by what I see everyone in these environments enduring.

“When I was finally able to help launch Directed Evolution so that we could work to build a flagship health club for people with disabilities, illnesses, and infirmities, choosing a charity partner was simple. We are in the process of launching a product - details are available here -  which we will sell as a not-for-profit line where every penny of the profit comes to the UCLH Charity. I hope to work in partnership with the Charity for many years to come, and want to end by saying a massive THANK YOU to everyone, from all support staff to all consultants.”

To choose UCLH Charity as your company or organisation’s designated charity, please get in touch with our corporate partnerships manager

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