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Baking cakes for NHS 70th: Our staff champions

We hosted a staff Bake Off in celebration of the NHS turning 70.

Some of the tea party judges
Some of the tea party judges

How to celebrate the nation’s most beloved institution turning 70?

Like any other Birthday – of course.

By negotiating the perfect amount of flour, sugar, eggs, butter and whisking up to create a cakey-masterpiece, worthy of our old girl, the NHS.

That’s exactly what staff at UCLH did on 3rd July.

Cakes were put in front of an expert panel of judges, made up of Lord Prior, UCLH Chairman, Prof Marcel Levi, UCLH Chief Executive, Prof Geoff Bellingan, Medical Director, Dr Gill Gaskin, Medical Director, and Flo Panel-Coates, Chief Nurse.

The winning entries
The winning entries

The pieces were scrutinised based on taste and form to create two winners - Tasnim Khatun, Apprentice and Achini Ananda, Accounts Payable Administrator who both received a John Lewis gift voucher of £50 which we funded.

Winner Achini said, “Even though I have entered the competition at the last minute, winning made me think that I made the right decision”.

“As I have baked cakes for my colleagues in my leisure time, all the inspiration had given to me was my team. I would like to thank my team for encouraging me to enter into the competition and would like to thank UCLH Charity who organised this competition.” 

After the competition, cakes were taken to the NHS 70tea party which took place that same day. NHS70tea is part of a wider campaign to celebrate the NHS turning 70 across the UK. Read more about this HERE.

Feeling inspired? Then why not host your own bake off? Contact: to do so. Otherwise you can donate or fundraise directly to NHS 70th HERE.