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Haematology Cancer Care

Over the last 26 years patients and staff have supported Haematology Cancer Care (HCC) because we help the haematology service deliver transformational treatment and personalised care at UCLH

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What we are raising money for

Our strong community of patients, families and staff are committed to supporting haematological cancers through fundraising activities and events. Uniquely, we are run by senior clinical staff working closely with all haematology teams and haematology patients ensuring donations make a significant impact on the services here at UCLH.

We provide wide-ranging support including high-tech medical equipment and research projects, free complementary therapy for patients and families and specialist education for nurses across five inpatient wards, day-care, ambulatory care and young adult and outpatient services.


The kinds of projects we fund

Education for nurses

“The best decision I ever made as a professional was to work for UCLH. The support I received and the opportunities offered are incredible and have helped me develop as nursing professional. HCC supports the nurses who work in haematology and the cancer division by funding their upskilling through professional development courses and knowledge enhancement so they can provide the best patient treatment. I could not be more grateful for these opportunities.

"With the support of HCC, in my new post as a charge nurse I am looking forward to taking a leadership course and to better support my team, patients and their families. Through my new leadership role and with my new team, I am looking forward to creating activities to further support HCC.”

Pantelis Savvides, ward manager T8

“Our team of Clinical Practice Facilitators (CPF) has been growing with the generous help of HCC donors - the GT Fan Club, in memory of Graham Threader. This critical funding has helped create our current team of four: Gavin Cooper, Rob McDonnell, Olla Mahmoud and Vivienne Jones. The team is busy creating new and innovative educational resources to educate a new group of haematology nurses for the new Grafton Way Building,

"Without this funding we compromise the process of continuous learning that is the trademark of healthcare professionals, and ultimately help enable that very real fear of perhaps not knowing as much as we could.”

Simon Clare, practice development lead, haematology

Medical equipment

“More and more red cell patients require ultrasound deep vein cannulation and which helps avoid larger lines going into veins which can be very invasive. Thanks so much to HCC for our ultrasound machine!”

One of our red cell patients agreed: “The new ultrasound machine has changed my experience of having blood transfusions. I used to dread coming in because It was getting really difficult to find a vein as I've had so much treatment – and now my treatment is so much easier, less painful and stressful.”

George Trandafir, senior staff nurse, apheresis

Complementary therapy

“Touch is one of the core elements of complementary therapies. Patients on our haematology wards look forward to their weekly sessions of massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki as a time to feel cared for and connected. The gentle, soothing hands of the therapist helping to ease out tension, calm stress and create a time of peace amidst all the challenges of their treatment. Haematology out-patients count their precious sessions with us. Many say that as soon as they feel our touch, they can begin to let go, to switch off the anxiety, fears and worries that may have been with them since diagnosis. It is a pleasure to see patients leave our therapy rooms feeling lighter, calmer, and more able to cope with what comes next. As complementary therapists we support people not just through touch, but with the aromas of the oils that we use, and with our voices. A shared part of this process is the power of our patients’ minds to affect how they feel. By reaching out to people, regardless of whether this is face to face or over telephone lines, we connect and spend time being with them. So, in that shared time, whether we work hands-on or not, we are with that person, with whatever they are going through and wherever they are. As always, we are privileged to do this work. Thanks to HCC we are able to offer free complementary therapy to haematology patients at UCLH.”

Ceris Fender-Reid, head of complementary therapies

Snack trolley

“I have been a snack trolley volunteer since February, and really love the role. I am so pleased to be able to step up and take responsibility for ordering stock to ensure that we can continue to provide this essential service to our patients. We always have a variety of delicious snacks on offer – favourites include lemonade, popcorn and our selection of mini chocolate bars. I know these make a huge difference to our patients. Importantly, the snacks enable them to retain weight and where possible the conversations can also cheer up their day! You'll usually see me on the wards on Tuesday evenings, so please do say hello!”

Molly Walther, HCC snack trolley volunteer

These are just some of the ways in which we support haematology at UCLH

Read the latest issue of our newsletter, Haematology Life to find out more!  Support HCC by getting involved in our events and activities – or come up with your own!

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