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Butterfly Appeal

Your kind gift can help us provide a safe, private and soothing environment for families who sadly lose a baby at UCLH.

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Our new Butterfly Suite will allow bereaved parents and their families to spend time with their baby, away from the main maternity ward, expectant or new mums and the sound of new-born babies. UCLH currently has no such dedicated facilities.

With your help, we will design a home from home environment which has a warm, calm colour scheme and décor as well as comfortable furnishings which make it feel less clinical. Facilities will include a comfortable double bed, a separate nursery space, a seating area for relatives, a toilet and shower room, a Wi-Fi booster and refreshments.

At the same time, located within the delivery suite, bereaved families will have world-class healthcare professionals close by to help with the after-effects of giving birth and provide expert, compassionate and personalised care to every mother losing a baby in childbirth or pregnancy and her relatives.

To support this appeal, click the 'donate' button below and select "Butterfly Bereavement Suite Appeal" on the drop down menu. We are deeply grateful for all donations and fundraising efforts supporting this appeal, which can help us give every family who loses a baby at UCLH the very best care. 

Thank you for your kind support.