Making a difference for patients at UCLH

Training and developing staff

We provide funding for training and education to ensure that staff at UCLH are kept up to date with health care developments and are able to apply the latest clinical techniques to help our patients.

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Recognising and rewarding excellence

The patient is our top priority at UCLH and we recognise that the dedication and hard work of the staff have a major impact on patient care. We help the hospital to provide a positive enviroment for the staff and let them know that they are appreciated. For instance, we make a contribution towards their Christmas parties, we fund the annual Celebrating Excellence Awards which recognise the achievements of teams within the hospital, and we support the Long Service Awards for staff with over 25 years' of service. 

We also provide extra professional training for medical and non-medical staff and help clinicians attend conferences where they can share best practice with other delegates and expand their specialist knowledge.

Staff development grants this year

Clinical academic career fellowships for nurses

There have long been opportunities for doctors to combine a clinical career with research, but until recently this was rare for nursing, midwifery or allied health professionals. Only 0.01% of nurses become a clinical academic leader which makes a sharp contrast to the 5% of doctors that pursue the role. That’s why UCLH Charity is funding nursing and allied health professional fellowships to support the development of research capability at UCLH.

Community of Practice for Clinical Nurse Specialists

UCLH has a particularly high number of Clinical Nurse Specialists who provide a valuable service to patients with both acute and chronic conditions. Increasingly they take on roles that used to be done by others, particularly doctors, but in the past there has been a fragmented approach across the group. After a successful pilot within the cancer service, UCLH Charity has provided funding for a Community of Practice which will enable the group to meet, collaborate and work together, share knowledge and improve the way that the hospital delivers care.

Case studies

Training staff for end-of-life conversations

We fund a course that prepares clinical staff for difficult conversations about appropriate treatment for patients reaching the end of life. Delegates learn about best practice before testing their skills with simulation scenarios created by actors and inspired by real events at UCLH.

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A support service for nurses to develop in their career

The charity has funded a sideways transfer scheme and careers clinic for nurses at UCLH. The project has seen 251 nurses transfer across the organisation.

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We’re funding research fellowships for junior doctors

We will provide funding for junior doctor clinical fellowships which will stimulate more translational and clinical research at UCLH.

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