Making a difference for patients at UCLH

Improving environments and paying for specialist equipment

We fund state-of-the-art equipment to enable the hospital to provide the best patient care. We also provide funding to make the hospital environment more pleasant for patients and visitors during their stay.

The Critical Care unit (2016) ©Rob Parrish

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Enhancing recovery

We award grants to UCLH for specialist equipment so that our doctors have access to the latest technology and to provide the best treatment and diagnosis for our patients.

The environment also plays a part in enhancing recovery, so we regularly award grants to improve the surroundings and make the hospital more friendly and welcoming.

What we’ve funded for this year

Refurbishment of surgical admissions unit at UCLH

Surgical patients are admitted via the surgical admissions unit on the first floor of the UCLH podium, a facility that was originally designed as an outpatient clinic. A UCLH Charity grant will fund the refurbishment of the facility, to provide a calm, comfortable, relaxing environment for patients who are waiting for surgery. The redesign will include furnishing, artwork and decorative elements.

Art and heritage grant

Every year we set aside a budget to fund arts and heritage projects around the hospital. The team organise frequent exhibitions which include a variety of artworks and photography, and patients are encouraged to get involved with creative workshops and events. The team is also increasing public engagement around the collections by making the archive and art catalogue publically available.

Case studies

The Cotton Rooms patient hotel

We built the UK’s first purpose-designed patient hotel so that ambulatory patients can receive treatment in the day without the need to take up a hospital bed. The hotel is adapted around the needs of the patients and is conveniently located near the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre.

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Robot rehabilitation for upper limb

We purchased a stroke rehabilitation robot to offer an alternative approach to conventional hands-on rehabilitation therapy. This improves patients' chances of recovery and increases the hospital's capacity to treat inpatients for stroke rehabilitation.

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Neurological Wheelchairs

A UCLH Charity grant provided highly specialised wheelchair and seating equipment for patients with complex needs.

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