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Advancing research

We fund a wide range of clinical research projects at UCLH which translate into new and improved treatments for patients

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With its academic partner UCL, UCLH is at the centre of international clinical research into a wide range of diseases and conditions. 

In 2006, we contributed £7m to help establish UCLH and UCL as one of the five biomedical research centres (BRC) in the UK.  Read more about the BRC here

We support UCLH’s ambition to be a research hospital.

How we are making a difference

Here are some of the research projects we've funded

Investing in IT to maximise research

We're investing in IT to facilitate research at UCLH

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Pioneering surgery in the womb

Our funding enabled expert teams to operate on a baby before she was born

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Genetic testing for ovarian cancer

We funded a pilot study into genetic testing for relatives of women with ovarian cancer

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Creating a culture of research and innovation at UCLH

We fund clinical research fellowships to develop and nurture research and innovation at UCLH

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