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Advancing research

We fund a wide range of clinical research projects at UCLH working to translate cutting-edge research and innovation into new and improved treatments for patients.

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Bridging the gap

In 2006, UCLH Charity contributed seven million pounds to help establish UCLH and UCL as one of the five biomedical research centres (BRC) in the UK. Since then, the centre has been delivering world-class biomedical research. 

In addition, we also fund research projects either through awarding individual grants or managing funds that enable researchers to obtain grants from external organisations themselves.

Upcoming projects this year

Funding clinical research fellowships for junior doctors

To stimulate more translational and clinical research at UCLH, the charity will help the hospital to fund a number of junior doctor clinical fellowships from 2017 to 2020, thus giving talented young doctors the opportunity to increase their experience of research at UCLH.

During the fellowship, junior doctors will have dedicated research time, combined with some clinical activity if required. Projects will range between six months and one year and will help UCLH to keep these doctors at UCLH for longer.

Collecting data to predict outcomes for cancer patients

As part of UCLH's cancer strategy, the charity has funded the establishment of a centre for cancer outcomes. This will collect clinical data and use information to improve and evaluate efficiency and outcomes across the hospital. 

Case studies

Extending genetic testing for ovarian cancer patients

We funded a pilot programme to extend genetic testing for ovarian cancer patients to identify if further family members are at risk of developing the disease. Previously, genetic testing for the cancer susceptible gene, BRCA, was offered only to patients who have family history of the disease.

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Investing in IT to maximise research potential at UCLH

In March 2019, UCLH switched on EPIC, its new electronic health record system. UCLH Charity helped fund the project so that UCLH can fully utilise the research functionality within the system.

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