Making a difference for patients at UCLH

What we do

We are the main charity supporting University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. All of our efforts contribute to improving the patient journey at UCLH. We support patient care, staff training, specialist equipment and research.

A red cell patient receiving her regular blood transfusion. Image ©Daniela Sbrisny

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Supporting patient care

We support the Trust’s strategy to improve the patient experience at UCLH. All of our activities are aimed at making patients' lives better during their stay in the hospital.

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Training and developing staff

We provide funding for training and education to ensure that staff at UCLH are kept up to date with health care developments and are able to apply the latest clinical techniques to help our patients.

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Improving environments and paying for specialist equipment

We fund state-of-the-art equipment to enable the hospital to provide the best patient care. We also provide funding to make the hospital environment more pleasant for patients and visitors during their stay.

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Advancing research

We fund a wide range of clinical research projects at UCLH working to translate cutting-edge research and innovation into new and improved treatments for patients.

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