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The Cotton Rooms patient hotel

We built the UK's first patient hotel

Lounge at the Cotton Rooms

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We built the UK’s first purpose-designed patient hotel, The Cotton Rooms, allowing ambulatory patients to receive treatment in the day and stay in a hospital bed overnight  Located near the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre, this 35-bed facility accomodates 1,000 each year, with patients spending betweeen one and 25 nights.

Patients are referred by their specialist teams who determine if a hotel (rather than a hospital) stay, is suitable. The hotel reflects the changing nature of cancer care - many hotel guests are undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy on a regular basis and do not need to stay in hospital overnight.

Feedback from Cotton Rooms guests is overwhelmingly positive, with many patients preferring a hotel room to a hospital ward.  The hotel also helps UCLH manage capacity - overnight hospital beds can be used for very sick patients who need them most.

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