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In 2019, UCLH switched on EPIC, its new electronic health record system.  UCLH Charity helped fund the project so that UCLH can fully utilise the research functionality within the system.  This will mean that every step in the complex research life cycle is easier, from identifying patients who might be suitable for trials to collecting consent.  The system also aids research via a safety alert, letting research co-ordinators know if a patient on a trial is admitted to hospital, or has a signficantly abnormal blood test.

Dr Wai Keon Wong is a consultant haematologist and the chief research information officer for UCLH.  He said, "In just five months staff have transitioned from a paper-based sytem to a digital process.  I am really proud of what they have achieved.  This is a solid foundation to build upon and utilise more advanced functionality to derive even greater benefits for our research staff and patients alike."

Read more about EPIC by visiting the UCLH website.

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