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We’re supporting the International Day of Charity

Find out how we're supporting International Day of Charity - Wednesday 5th September.

This week – Wednesday 5 September - is the International Day of Charity, the UN led day when the world celebrates what charities do across the world.  Here at UCLH Charity we make a difference to patient care through supporting services, staff, research and equipment to ensure that the care provided to patients is the very best it can be.  Currently, we are raising funds to support our two new buildings  - the new cancer and surgery building, which will bring the most advanced form of radiotherapy, proton beam therapy, to the UK, as well as housing a short stay surgery centre and Europe’s biggest centre for the treatment of blood disorders.  Our second building brings together the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital and the Eastman Dental Hospital – both international centres of excellence  - under one roof to provide ear, nose and throat and dental services.  Your support can help us enhance the services we provide. To find out more, or to make a donation to the cancer and surgery building click here, or for the new Royal National ENT and Dental Hospital, click here.

Thank you – you are helping us make a real difference.

Funds in focus

We manage over 500 funds working in different areas of the hospital so that you can specify the exact cause you wish to support.

New cancer and surgery centre

Support our new facility that will include proton beam therapy, short stay surgery, a critical care unit, imaging services and a blood disorders...

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Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals

Support our services for the treatment of ear, nose, throat and oral conditions

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