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Extending a stroke procedure service

Our funding will extend the current mechanical thrombectomy service so more patients are seen within the optimum time-frame to produce the best results.

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 Measuring our impact: A portable diagnostic tool

The tool is helping the UCLH-based Find and Treat team to diagnose and treat liver conditions for vulnerable and hard to reach people.

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Helping staff talk through difficult emotions resulting in patient care

We support the mental health of our staff by providing sessions to talk about how their work has impacted them emotionally.

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Alex with his wife

Blood cancer treatment “nothing short of a miracle”

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. We are supporting further developments in blood cancer treatment at UCLH. Alex Hornby describes treatment that saved his life against all odds.

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We’re supporting the International Day of Charity

Find out how we're supporting International Day of Charity - Wednesday 5th September.

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The students tested their surgical skills using the equipment required for keyhole surgery

We’re inspiring our future clinicians

We fund a summer school at UCLH for aspiring clinicians aged 16-17 to help them to make decision about their future. Well done to our class of 2018!

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We supported pioneering surgery for spina bifida

As seen on BBC Horizon.

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Flo Panel-Coates, Chief Nurse and Lisa Anderton, Head of Patient Experience gave out cakes for inpatients across the hospital

Our parties in pictures: NHS 70tea at UCLH

Thanks to all who celebrated the NHS turning 70 with us. Here's an overview of what happened.

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