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Leave a legacy

Legacy gifts are one of the most popular ways of donating to UCLH.

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Your legacy

Make a lasting difference by leaving us a gift in your will.  This can be in support of the general fund, to an area of greatest need or for a specific service, project, piece of equipment or research.  Whatever you decide, you will be helping us to provide a better experience for people coming to UCLH.

How to leave a legacy

Thank you for thinking about leaving a legacy to UCLH .  Our charitable status means that UCLH Charity pays no tax on the gifts it receives, including bequests. If you leave a legacy, this may reduce the tax due on your estate. A financial advisor or solicitor may be able to assist you with this. In all cases we strongly recommend that wording is carefully reviewed by you and your legal adviser in the overall context of your will or codicil.

Our legacy pack contains more information but if you have any questions or would like to let us know you’ve named UCLH Charity in your will, please contact Carol Haraldsson, Head of Charitable Giving at or call 0203 447 9361.

Thank you for your support - together we can do more.