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Corporate giving

Corporate giving allows businesses to partake in meaningful projects that affect the wider society around them. This is beneficial to the charity and the business, as purpose-driven work and community engagement creates a better environment and work culture.

The Amplifi team at the Wild Warrior challenge.

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Ways your company can become involved with UCLH Charity:

  • Nominate us as your company charity of the year. 

  • Get a team together to partake in a fundraising challenge

  • Boost your funding by finding out if your company will match your donations.

  • Volunteer to complete activities at UCLH.

Like our other donors, businesses can choose to support a specific area or fund. For example, Amplifi, a media agency, formed a partnership with UCLH Charity’s Cancer Fund in 2014 and since then they have raised over £200,000 for Cancer fund initiatives.

Amplifi employees at the Three Peaks fundraising challenge
Amplifi employees at the Three Peaks fundraising challenge

The Amplifi and Cancer Fund Partnership

Amplifi staff have participated in fundraising activities that centre on team bonding and collaboration, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Employees have engaged in challenge events such as half and full-marathons, triathlons, a 50k Trekfest in a day and scaling the UK Three Peaks in 24 hours.

Activities have engaged nearly 50% of the agency, delivering a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the volunteers but also great content to enhance the agency’s employee value proposition (EVP).

Amplifi team members during the 50k Trekfest
Amplifi team members during the 50k Trekfest

An award-winning partnership

The charity has featured regularly at bake sales, raffles, annual sport and away days as well as their annual wellness week event, which has raised exposure and visibility of UCH Cancer Fund.

The partnership has proven successful and together both parties collected two awards at the Corporate Engagement Awards 2017, which included Best Combined Programme.

Become a partner

To find out more about how your business can become a partner to UCLH Charity, contact Carol Haraldsson, head of charitable giving at UCLH.


Tel: 020 344 79360