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Recycle your mobile phone to donate to UCLH Charity

Recycle your mobile phone to donate to UCLH Charity

Donate the proceeds from your old mobile phone to UCLH Charity and help to support the patients and staff here at UCLH

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Do you have any unused mobile phones lying around at home? Do you want to donate to UCLH Charity and also contribute to helping the environment?

Here's how you can get involved...

We've just teamed up with Envirofone and are really pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the option to donate the value of your old devices directly to UCLH Charity!

It's a really easy process, you can start by simply following the link below! You will be asked to input the details of your mobile device/s and contact details, an enviropack will be sent directly to you in the post for you to safely return your device/s and then you will be notified when the donation has been made to UCLH Charity.

If you'd like to donate your devices to raise funds for UCLH, follow the pink button below to get started!

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