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Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health

The ISEH was formed as part of the 2012 Olympic legacy. It provides research, teaching, and clinical expertise in sports and exercise medicine.

Services at the ISEH

The ISEH provides excellence in elite sports performance and sports injury prevention and management whilst bridging the gap between elite sport, amateur sports and exercise prescription, for the improvement of the healthcare of the population.

The centre is formed between the British Olympic Association, the English Institute of Sport, HCA Healthcare UK, UCL and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

As a part of UCLH, the ISEH provides academically led acute and specialist services, both locally and to patients throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. The centre also offers NHS highly rated specialist services and acute services to the local populations of Camden, Islington, Barnet, Enfield, Haringey and Westminster.

What we are raising money for

As the principal sports medicine Olympic legacy project in London, the ISEH has a central role in creating and developing research themes supporting elite athletes and importantly translating this understanding for public health benefits.

Research themes are divided into three broad areas:

  • Sports injury and musculoskeletal pathology for general and elite populations

Example: Investigating the use of head guards in boxing to see if they actually reduce concussion for men. Mike Loosemore, lead consultant in sport and exercise medicine says that figures show that concussion reduced by 50% when the head guards were removed which suggests that they do more harm than good.

  • Basic science – physiology, genetics and extreme environments
  • Population/health - focusing on exercise and physical activity.

 Example: Investigating childhood obesity to consider why there is an increased rate of obesity in deprived schools.

As well as assisting with the financing of this research, the fund also supports the training of clinicians in the faculty of exercise and sport medicine.

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