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Haematology Cancer Care

Haematology Cancer Care supports the Haematology Unit at UCLH. It raises funds to help the department to deliver exemplary treatment and care at UCLH.

What we are raising money for

Over the last 20 years patients and staff have been choosing to support Haematology Cancer Care because the team helps the Haematology Service deliver transformational treatment and personalised care at UCLH. HCC have a strong community of patients, families and staff - all committed to supporting haematological cancers through fundraising activities and events. Uniquely, the fund is managed by senior clinical staff working closely with all haematology teams and haematology patients ensuring donations make a significant impact on the services here at UCLH.

HCC provides a wide range of support, including high-tech medical equipment and research projects, free complementary therapy for patients and families and specialist education for nurses across five inpatient wards, day-care, ambulatory care and young adult and outpatient services.

The kind of projects we fund:

Complementary therapy

HCC introduced free complementary therapy to haematology and continues to fund the service which is available free to patients and their families. "There is a great deal of reassurance explaining in plain and simple language that our therapy service is designed to support the effects of blood disorders and their treatment, which includes stress, anxiety, sleep issues, digestive issues, aches and pains and to provide general relaxation and wellbeing. Thank you to HCC for your long-term funding for our complementary therapy services at UCLH." - Chris Gibbs, Complementary Therapist. 

Specialist Education for haematology staff

"Without this we compromise the process of continuous learning that is the trademark of healthcare professionals, and ultimately help enable that very real fear of perhaps not knowing as much as we could." - Simon Clare, Practice Development Lead, Haematology.

Suzy Day, first graduate of the new haematology oncology rotation programme, 2017, funded by HCC says, "The haematology oncology rotation has taught me how to better support my patients’ needs by encouraging self-learning and increasing my knowledge of different conditions". 

Other medical equipment

"The MACSQuant is a great asset for transplantion patient management and cell testing research. The scientists in the WCTU can happily confirm that it is providing a speedy service for transplantation patients which is much appreciated by the apheresis nurses and once more thank the generous support of the HCC charity donors for making this possible." - Dr Mike Watts, Director Wolfson Cellular Therapy Unit (WCTU). 

Medical research

Professor David Linch, Head of the department of haematology and chairman of the Cancer Research UK Cancer Centre says, “HCC’s funding (of vital equipment and sponsorship of a PhD student) has helped the T-Cell project proceed (using genetically modified T-Cells to treat Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma in a new way) and helped UCLH attract two major awards from the Department of Health and the Wellcome Trust, measured in millions of pounds to take this work forward with our patients.”

These are just some of the ways in which we support the patient experience within haematology at UCLH. Read the latest HCC newsletter to find out more.

Support HCC this Christmas by buying Christmas cards or entering the raffle. Just print off the order form and send to 4th Floor UCH, 235 Euston Road, London NW1 2BU.

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