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Fight for Life

The Fight for Life children's cancer fund is committed to raising funds for the radiotherapy unit treating children at UCLH.

The kind of projects we fund

Fight for Life was formed in 1996 to raise funds to build a dedicated children’s radiotherapy unit at the Middlesex Hospital. In January 2000 the unit moved to a brand new dedicated cancer unit installed at the new hospital. To mark this occasion, Fight for Life’s patron, Gary Lineker, opened the unit, and the committee funded a state of the art Linear Accelerator radiotherapy machine enabling treatment with the best possible precision and speed. Since then, the fund has provided so much more:

  • A children’s play area and waiting room, to give children some breathing space whilst waiting for their treatment.
  • A dedicated PET/CT scanner.
  • A computer software programme, Rapid Arc™, which changes the speed of rotation of a Linear Accelerator, the shape of the treatment beam and the radiation dose at the same time allowing the oncology team at UCLH to deliver the optimum tumour coverage together with a better ability to spare healthy tissue.
  •  TrueBeam™ - a machine that enhances accuracy when treating cancer.

Future Ambition

  • To continue to support the projects as above
  • To raise at least another £250,000 for an interactive wall and a children’s waiting room and playroom at the new Proton Beam Therapy centre, opening in 2020 at UCLH.

Currently only available in the USA and in some part of Europe, Proton Beam Therapy uses high energy protons to target cancer cells with reduced side effects to surrounding areas or organs. The arrival of PBT in the UK will mean children will no longer have to travel abroad for treatment.

Fight for Life and Young Fight for Life is staffed solely by volunteers and all contributions go directly to the fund. Read more about the work.