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Supporting nurses’ career development

We've funded career development schemes to retain and retrain nurses at UCLH

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We've funded a career development programme - a sideways transfer scheme and a careers clinic - to develop and retain UCLH nursing staff.

Under the scheme, nurses are provided with the support and advice they need to move to a different role at UCLH.  This could be a different ward, hospital or speciality that requires different skills.  Over 250 nurses have changed roles at UCLH. This programme not only helps staff develop their career aspirations, it also retains staff - continuity of staff is a key factor in providing high quality care and a positive patient experience.

Rachael Keeling was the 200th nurse to benefit from a career move. She transferred from the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery to the oncology ward at University College Hospital as she was looking for a new challenge. “I was happy at UCLH and didn’t want to leave. I thought oncology would allow me to gain experience, while still allowing me to really get to know the patients and be involved in aspects of their care”, she said.

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