Making a difference for patients at UCLH

A support service for nurses to develop in their career

The charity has funded a sideways transfer scheme and careers clinic for nurses at UCLH. The project has seen 251 nurses transfer across the organisation.

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What was achieved?

Nurses are provided with the support and advice that they need to move to a different role within UCLH. Talented staff who might have gone elsewhere are retained ensuring that the quality of care is maintained to the best possible standard.

An opportunity for staff

Nurses at UCLH have been given the opportunity and support to transfer sideways within the organisation for two and a half years meaning that to date, 251 nurses have improved their skills in other areas.

The project is funded by UCLH Charity and was initially created in accordance to the retention strategy of the Trust. This prevents staff from exploring external options and allows nurses to develop other areas which can place them in a better position for promotion.

The charity funds the role of Robert Blaze, Careers Clinic Project Lead who provides nurses with the advice and support they need to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Robert ensures that opportunities are communicated about internally before they are advertised externally and this shows staff that they are valued.

Rachael Keeling was the 200th nurse to benefit from a career move having transferred from the NHNN to the oncology ward at University College Hospital as she was looking for a new challenge. “I was happy at UCLH and didn’t want to leave. I thought oncology would allow me to gain experience, while still allowing me to really get to know the patients and be involved in aspects of their care”, she said.

What next?

Robert said, "I can’t wait to guide many more nurses through the transfer scheme whilst at the same time supporting them to get the best out of their working life here at UCLH”.